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Green Canteen

About Us

We've heard a lot about plastic bottles - and none of it is good. At Green Canteen, we think you deserve better. Which is why we developed a cleaner, greener, go anywhere alternative that the whole family will love. We decided a handcrafted, high grade stainless steel bottle would be best. And here are just some of the many, many reasons why:

Drink To Your Health

Food grade stainless steel means your bottled water stays tap fresh - and not just water - with Green Canteen, whatever you pour stays pure.

Safe & Sound

No rust, no tarnish, BPA free, with no risk of tainting your water with nasty chemicals and no need for that troublesome plastic lining you'll find lurking in aluminium bottles.

Good Clean Fun

The wide mouth design makes for easy drinking, adding of ice cubes and easy cleaning, with rounded corners and threads. Because Green Canteen is all about making life easier (unless you're bacteria).

Australian & Proud

Green Canteen is Australian owned and run to exacting Australian standards. So even our credentials hold water.

One Green Bottle

Your drinking bottle can be forever refilled (not land-filled), yet it is still 100% recyclable.

Doesn't Cost The Earth

We want every Australian to own a Green Canteen so we've made them one of the most affordable stainless steel bottles around. And just think of the money you'll save now you never have to buy bottled water again.


Now all that's left to do is find the best Green Canteen for you. Browse our full range of stainless steel bottles & accessories and order online today.